Cleaner Energy.
Efficient Consumption.
Lower bills.

Finally, something Strata can agree on.

We are Australia’s smart energy consultancy

As Australia’s smart energy consultancy, we provide comprehensive energy system audits, and fully-customised, holistic energy solutions designed specifically for your property.

With data-driven efficiency, ongoing monitoring, savings audits, and easy monthly payments, reducing your carbon footprint never felt so good.

How it works

Smart energy and water solutions. Clear savings on your bills.

If you’re an owner within a Strata building, particularly if it’s older than ten years, chances are you’re overspending. Many water systems, heating and cooling systems and energy provisions are inefficient; they run when they don’t need to, they run ineffectively, they often draw too much power and use too much water.

This kind of inefficiency isn’t only expensive. It’s environmentally unsound.

A holistic approach.
A whole lot of sense.

Starting with a real-time audit of existing systems, we offer end-to-end turnkey system upgrades.

From air-conditioning to car park exhausts, water systems to electricity and lighting, our expert team of consultants provide carefully crafted solutions that improve efficiency and manage cash flow.

By reducing your energy and water usage, we can help save you money, increase the value of your property, and do our bit for helping the planet.

A Data-Driven Predictive Model for Strata.

Over the next five years a single apartment building can waste hundreds of tonnes of carbon, numerous Olympic swimming pools of water, and spend 30% too much in energy and water bills.

Our unique Data-Driven Predictive Model for Strata means we run a comprehensive audit of your existing systems. Using existing bills, we run an analysis against our extensive data set on existing sites with similar specifications. We then create an accurate predictive modelling report that details how a MarbleBlue energy system can reduce your carbon footprint and drive savings, with down-to-the-minute details against your existing systems.

Saving millions in wasted energy.
One property at a time.

Your property just got better.

The financial and environmental health of Strata can significantly impact an owner’s costs, and the desirability of a property within the market.

Since everyone loves more efficient systems and reduced fees, transitioning systems and achieving an exceptional NABERS rating can increase your property value and the likelihood of successful sale. By joining MarbleBlue, you’re not only saving money and helping save the planet. You’re also boosting your property value.

No deposit. No upfront fees. No reason to wait.

Making the move to a more holistic solution should be rewarding: both morally and financially.

Our $0 Upfront Guarantee ensures you can transition your existing systems to become energy and water efficient, as well as cost effective, without any upfront deposit. The benefits roll in as you pay the asset down, negating the need to introduce special levies.

Simply fill out our Online Application Form (it only takes a moment), and we’ll calculate the lifetime costs of your existing systems against our streamlined systems.

We’ll finance the entire installation and transition your obsolete systems. Once it’s all up and running, your service is managed through simple monthly payments over a 5-year period. We then remotely monitor and optimise your system on an ongoing basis, to make sure you’re saving your wallet — and the planet — as much as possible

Fully managed, with ongoing monitoring and support.

Utilising our hand-selected panel of trusted suppliers, we obtain multiple quotes in order to source the optimum solution for your property and calculate a detailed forecast of your savings.

We also arrange installation, including project management, and the provision of ongoing system monitoring for a simple monthly subscription. If at any point you have questions, we’re always on hand to offer friendly guidance and further energy-saving advice.

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